How to practice typing?

In this article, you will learn how to practice typing and Why it’s good to practice in any word processor and not in any typing test application?

Many people complain that when they use any typing test application they can achieve a good typing speed, but when they appear in any typing exam their WPM decreases significantly. So why this type of issue occurs with many persons? The problem is in the typing application.

A typing test application is definitely good to practice typing. Generally, all typing test programs have auto WPM count facility. So you can get a detailed analysis of your typing and easily rectify it. But the problem is these applications use a bunch of words to perform a test and these words take from a limited word database. That’s mean no matter how many time you practice, you are typing the same words again and again. So naturally, your typing speed increases a lot in these programs. But when you use any text editor, it decreases significantly.


Now, what is the solution?

I recommend using any text editor (e.g. MS word) to practice typing. It’s simple. You just need to split your computer screen into two parts. One for the source document and another is for MS Word. You may use Wikipedia to get the source. Now before start practicing, set a timer on your computer. And when you finish your typing, open the word count box and check the number of words you typed. Although it’s a little complicated, it’s the right way to practice typing. Watch video here: How to use MS Word ti practice typing?

Recently a well-known typing portal developed an advanced typing practice program where you can paste your own document and practice typing for 5 minutes. Using this is exceptionally simple. Just copy any English document and paste it in the box. That’s all your custom typing test program is ready. It is a very useful program, and you may use this application instead of MS Word. This calculates your accuracy rate, WPM and total word count automatically. So you don’t need to waste your time by calculating your WPM.

But above all, to boost your typing speed it’s necessary to practice regularly. A good typing program can only help you to make your practice easy.

Is the QWERTY layout the best keyboard layout to type?

It is the most common question new typists ask. We use the QWERTY keyboard everywhere. Nowadays the QWERTY slowly become the universal keyboard layout. We use it in a cell phone to computer, laptop everywhere. But did you ever realize that it is not best to type? There are several other keyboard layouts present that can make your typing faster and more accurate.


Before starting we should know the origin of the QWERTY layout. In the year 1714, the first typewriter was developed by Henry Mill. Latter many designers redesign the basic typewriter. In those typewriters, the typing process was done inside the machine. So if an error occurred the typist had to scroll-up the paper, rectify the error and then re position it to type again which was very difficult. So people were searching for a proper way by which the typist can type more accurately.

In the year 1873, a man Christopher Latham Sholes designed the very first QWERTY layout to come out this issue. He thought if he re positions the keys in a scattered way the typist has to focus on the keyboard and the typing speed will also reduce. And as the typing speed will reduce the typist will make fewer errors. Latter after several changes we get the modern QWERTY layout.

So, the QWERTY layout was designed to slow down the speed of a typist. So how could a keyboard make your typing fast when it was designed to slow down it?

So what keyboard layout is best for typing?

When people realize the problem of QWERTY layout they started to redesign it. As a result, we got AZERTY, QWERTZ, HCESAR, Dvorak, Colemak and other keyboard layouts. Among these layouts, the Dvorak and the Colemak keyboard designs are more scientific and easy to type.

In the English language, we use only 9 characters (ASEROHTIN) in 65% words. That’s why they placed these letters in easy access. So, the typist has to put less effort to type.

I personally also recommend the Dvorak and the Colemak layout to type fast.


How to increase Typing Speed

How to type fast?
How you can type fast with 100 % accuracy?
Well the answer is practice in right way. In this article we will learn that right technique. By practicing just 1 hour a day for 4 weeks, you can easily boost your typing speed upto 50%.

Before we start you need to know this basic points.

  1. Use your all 10 finger.
  2. know the base position.
  3. don’t move your wrist while typing.
  4. Don’t look at the keyboard while typing.
  5. Practice touch typing.
  6. Practice regularly.

These are the basic key points that you need to follow. Remember one thing that you need to remember the typing rules every time you practice. Now come to the finger position. Put right finger in right key is very important. Each finger will represent each key. Here I attach an diagram to understand easily.



Hope you now easily understand the finger position while typing. Remember after every keystroke back the finger to the base position. To practice you may use Online Typing Test. They provide some excellent features to practice. There are many other typing rules to learn but if you know the basic you can easily boost up your typing speed 60 to 70 WPM.

Hindi Typing Test

Hindi Typing is an online typing practice system, develop to test your typing speed and accuracy. This typing portal is build to practice typing online without installing any software. In this site you can type in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, English, Kannada, Gujarati, Nepali, Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Serbian, Sanskrit, Russian, Arabic and many other languages. This is an unique typing resource to practice, develop and check typing skill. Typing is very important if you are an writer, blogger or programmer. Develop your typing skill with now.

How to develop your typing skill

Writing is the way toward composing or contributing content by squeezing keys on a , PC console, phone, or adding machine. It can be recognized from different methods for content info, for example, penmanship and discourse acknowledgment. Content can be as letters, numbers and different images. The world’s first typist was Lillian Sholes.


The fundamental system remains rather than chase and peck writing in which the typist keeps his or her eyes on the source duplicate constantly. Touch writing likewise includes the utilization of the home column strategy, where typists keep their wrists up, instead of laying them on a work area or console (which can cause carpal passage disorder). To maintain a strategic distance from this, typists ought to sit up tall, inclining marginally forward from the abdomen, put their feet level on the floor before them with one foot somewhat before the other, and keep their elbows near their sides with lower arms inclined somewhat upward to the console; fingers ought to be bended marginally and lay on the home column.

Try online typing test, it is the best typing portal to type online. They have 1 minute, 2 minutes and 5 minutes typing program to improve your typing skill and speed.

Developing typing skill and speed is not a tough job. Dedication and some Technic is require to be a professional typer. Daily practice is required and need to follow rules of typing.